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Good music makes unspectacular or even bad moments great! And good moments unforgettable.

I'm always glad for new stuff, so just write me what inspires you at the moment!

Here some of my road songs.

Radiostations USA

Due to weak planing, iv forgot to bring my music with me on the trip. After a short time i couldn't listen anymore to the fiew bands on my phone. As a consequence I had to switch to the radio. The good thing about it is that you get to hear some local news and experience the daily life. The downside, loads of christian stations, the coverage is for most of the times just a couple of miles. Still there are some awesone radio stations. Here is a short list of some of my favorites, all of them on FM frequency:


102.7 - The Peak - Vancouver

94.7 - KNRK - Washington State

100.7 - ? - Central Oregon

93.5 - KRBX - Arcata area

105.3 - Live 105 - San Francisco

107.7 - Kmmt - Mono Lake area

106.5 - Sunny 106 - Las Vegas

98.7 - Alt987 - L.A.