From sweat to snow

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Finally I should climb a volcano! Acatenango with its neighbouring volcano named Fuego is probably the most exciting choice in all of Guatemala. There are at least a million tour companies all over Antigua offering a two day, on nigh trip to the volcano. Most people pay the 100$ and more for this experience, then on the other hand Im not most people!


No se!?

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Antigua is a colonial perl in the mountains of Guatemala. In my opinion the Big Foot hostel is the place to stay. It would shelter us for the next four days or so and it was just amazing to chill out in front of the huge TV for a while, not worrying about a thing. See that might sound strange, but when your on the road for a couple of months you sometimes just want to chill and experience a daily routine.

Semuc Champey

Days on the road

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Alta Verapaz

Leaving San Pedro felt like leaving a new found home, but there was just so much more to see. Me and Nadia would head up north, aiming for Semuc Champey. Recording to Wikipedia Semuc consists of a natural 300 m limestone bridge, under which passes the Cahabón River. Atop the bridge is a series of stepped, turquoise pools. If you ask me, it might be the nicest pool(s) I’ve ever swam in!


Hablas espanol?

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One of my primary goals for this trip was to learn spanish. So far I didn't accomplish much in this direction. Sure I knew how to order food and ask about directions, but that was pretty much everything. I know after 100 days in Mexico and a month in Cuba you should do better. Guatemala offers the perfect conditions to learn spanish. The spanish here is explicit and the pace is rather slow. Additionally Guatemala is one of the poorer central American countries so the living costs are low.