Havana III

Sitting, waiting…  

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La Habana

After nearly a week on the beaches the boys would be close to finish their time in Cuba, I had three more additional days. For the third time I headed back to Havana. On the bus trip we met Catherine from Australia. To make things more interesting, however, for me not surprising anymore, my only access to money- meaning my last plastic card in my wallet, got stolen! Just for what? It´s not like Amazon delivers to Cuba?!

Santiago & Playa Lucia


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Santiago de Cuba Province

The three gringos just stepped out of the bus and already bumped into old friends. In Trinidad we met Khayla and her friend. This time we decided to book a casa ahead so we won´t end up again in an hour hotel. However, Khayla recommended us to stay the next day with their host family after they had left.


Club Copacabana

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Camagüey Province

Being the third biggest city in Cuba, Camaguey doesn't offer much. It´s interesting since it resembles the true face of Cuba. Tourism isn't a big factor, so you walk around without the usual hassle of people trying to sell you things.


Tower of Power

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Sancti Spíritus

After another three days in Havana it was time to make a move eastwards towards Trinidad. This picturesque place is a UNESCO world heritage since 1988 and it deserves the protection. On the day of departure there was still the problem with Jenny. She made the point that she wants to travel the same direction and by being four of us we might as well share the costs of a private ‘Taxi’ instead getting on a bus. Nothing wrong with that, so we hit the road in a tiny Wolga.

Havana II


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La Habana

I was looking forward to meet Steven & Jack. Jenny would accompany me back to Havana. As I mentioned before, it´s not very economic to travel on your own in Cuba, so I appreciated her company and the fact to split costs for accommodation.


Casa de la Musica

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Pinar del Río Province

Arriving by Viazul bus- the separate and much more expensive bus operator just for tourists and wealthy Cubans, you are welcomed by a crowd of approximately 25 housewives with signs showing their casas. Most tourist felt a bit overwhelmed by that, but in my opinion that gives you a great opportunity to bargain a better price.

Las Terrazas

Villa Duque

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Artemisa Province

I had one week on my own until my Aussie friends would arrive. So I decided to head westwards from Havana and make a return to the capitol to catch up with them later. My first stop would be Las Terrazas.

Havana I

Comandante en Jefe Fidel

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La Habana

So out of the blue I found myself in Havana. You might wonder how that happened? In order to answer that we have to backtrack a bit. While traveling with other people you influence each other a lot in many ways. This applies as well to the route you pick, especially when you meet someone with a similar attitude and the possibility to travel freely without worrying to much about time and destination. So as much as I influenced the Aussies to tag along with me into the centre of Mexico, they influenced me when it came to going to Cuba.