About me

My name is Adam.  I've left my career and all of my creature comforts behind for at least one year, because the road was calling, and because traveling is my greatest passion. I'm here to document my experiences, in hopes that I may inspire you to enable your own dreams, whatever they are, because I'm living proof that they really can come true.


 My trip began in Vancouver, with the intention of making my way south, through Pan-America, until I reach my final destination of Chile. Far be it from me to say whether, or not, I may go further. I've also ensured that I'm not imprisoned by time; it is an inconsequential factor.  The only thing I necessitate is the freedom to  stay as long as it suits me.


My primary objective is to see as much of the world as possible.  No less, it should be coupled with meeting spectacular people, willing to share their beautiful stories. If I learn to speak spanish, learn to dance salsa, and shoot genuine photographs along the way, my endeavors will be met with success.


I am of Polish descent, but my mother moved us to Switzerland when I was four years old. I had a lovely childhood, growing up on a farm just outside of Basel. After matriculating with an arts degree, I started my career in architecture. I was working hard and long hours, but realized soon, alas, that while the creative aspects were engrossing, I still hadn't found my own niche. I spent countless hours contemplating my life aspirations, which resulted in the decision to take a sabbatical from a career-oriented circus! In 2006, I departed for my first extended adventure to Australia and Southeast Asia. I had in mind to do something far more meaningful after that journey, so when I returned to Switzerland, I absorbed in the field of renewable energies. A series of coincidences drove me to the beautiful city of Vienna, where I was working in the wind power industry for the following four years. Once I felt I had accomplished all I had desired in that field, I had saved enough to start this long-awaited adventure!
If you'd like to know more, feel free to contact me!

Short overview of my recent travels


2015 - Mexico
2014 - USA
2014 - Canada

2014 - Europe (CRO, FIN, CH, PL, ITA..)
2014 - Thailand
2013 - India II, Thailand
2013 - Indonesia



2015 - Guatemala

2015 - Honduras

2015 - El Salvador

2015 - Nicaragua

2015 - Costa Rica

2015 - Panama
2015 - South America